What is GrassAds Robotic Technology?

In 2019, robotic technology is very common terminology when it comes to innovation.  GrassAds was a pioneer in developing and using this specific technology for signage and promotional purposes with some of the worlds largest on-ground signage campaigns being created and delivered by our company.

"Coming from an agricultural background which then led to line-marking through our initial company Laserturf, we started to notice a large void in the sporting industry when it came to the accurate application of ground signage." Said GrassAds CEO Ian Mayfield. "Venues and sponsors were understanding the importance of having their brand and events being seen on the field or course where the action was taking place and not just through stand up banners or signage that had limited value when it came to actually being seen."

After years of development, research, testing and watching how branding and promotion has evolved into such an imperative part for venues and companies, the GrassAds robot was launched into the industry.

"There has been years and years of testing and development invested into the GrassAds robot to ensure our commitment to accuracy and impact was always delivered whether it was a sponsors logo on a golf course in the USA or the British Airways 'Welcome to Our Turf' campaign for the 2012 London Olympics that was bigger than fifteen tennis courts." Said Ian.

The GrassAds technology has been used in the industry for over a decade around the world for venues, campaigns and events with the primary focus of expanding new opportunities for not only creating advertising revenues but for sharing a message that spectators, players and participants notice and feel invested in.

"The technology we have developed allows our clients and licensees to deliver logos, campaigns and brands in wherever and whatever way they envision with the only obstacle being the imagine.  We can be as creative, as big, as small and as versatile as required with minimum manpower required due to the application of the outlines being drawn by the robot itself." Said Ian.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of our GrassAds robotic technology, click on our Advanced Robotics Page.  If you would like any more information about ground signage or licensee opportunities, please contact our team at head office.

GrassAds hits the track for NASCAR

The scorching heat of Las Vegas put everyone to the test, including the GrassAds Robot, when it came to outlining the feature track side logos at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a recent NASCAR event.

Spanning across 85 metres by 36 metres (278 feet by 118 feet), the South Point logo was the centre piece trackside for the Inaugural South Point 400.

Working in sweltering conditions, the GrassAds robot didn't fault through the course of marking out the 8 kilometres (4.9 miles) line work for the creation of 17 logos in total.

The painting was completed by Licensee Dale Pantelakis who has purchased the robot to service contracts with NASCAR venues and track and field layouts.

Using the Grassads robotic technology saved two days in project time over the use of traditional stencils and string lines

Much of the painting was completed at night with the clear visual of robot work under lights and in the day, making painting a simple accurate process.

Whilst our robot certainly isn't as fast as those hitting the NASCAR circuit, it's performance is just as reliable and impressive.

If you are interested in the GrassAds license opportunities currently available, please contact our GrassAds head office today.

Texas 500 2017

GrassAds worked with Mycroft Signs to bring together some amazing logos for the Texas 500. There was around 8km of robot linework involved in the design and many many gallons of paint. It was an amazing experience for GrassAds especially showing off our newest RB8 model. Some action shots of the progress below.


American Golf - San Dimas Golf Course

GrassAds helped show off sponsors at San Dimas Golf Course for the AGC Vendor Day. A great day was had by all and the logos turned out stunning!

Rose Bowl Tailgating grass signage

Rose Bowl tailgating

It's almost just as popular as the football games themselves. The tradition of tailgating at the annual college football championship at the Rose Bowl, California is an event in itself.  Beginning in 1982 where fans started to culminate in the areas surrounding the stadium in order to be a part of the atmosphere, tailgating is now a recognised and established event for the game.

As another way to instill a sense of team spirit and friendly rivalry, Stanford University took their game one step further with welcoming their fans and Alumni through two team logos displayed on the grounds at the tail gating area.

Another great way to be part of the fun and make the fans feel like they are part of something bigger. The grass signage was also a fantastic way for Stanford Cardinal to brand themselves. It must've done the trick with Standford winning the game 45-16 over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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Rose Bowl 4

GrassAds USA

From corporate golf days to racetrack sponsorship, GrassAds has established a reputation as the leader in helping your brand achieve the best and most creative exposure. The appeal of a GrassAds presentation is the flexibility and detail that is available through the GrassAds robotic technology. There is no logo too complex or size too big.

We cater to every industry and have worked with global companies including Nike, Gillette, British Airways and Coca-Cola. GrassAds is also responsible for some of the world's biggest ground presentations for events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, the Tour de France and the Wimbeldon Tennis championship. Our technology ensures our clients always receive quality and quantity no matter how big the logo or how complex the design.

Corporate sponsorship is an integral part of any organized event and with GrassAds, the potential for sponsorship representation is unlimited.  Due to the growing demand within the American market, GrassAds has established an office in Southern California with an experienced team who can create your corporate presentations and also assist with the layout to ensure every sponsor receives the best viewing potential. Golf courses and stadiums across the country have already experienced the positive feedback from event sponsors who have used the services of GrassAds.

GrassAds can be used for:

·         Corporate Golf Days

·         Marketing campaigns

·         Product Launches

·         Venue sponsorship

·         Special events and milestones

·         Motorsport sponsorship

·         Sportsfields and stadium presentations


If you would like any more information on how to make an impression for your next big event or campaign, contact our office today.

A Day at San Dimas

If you happened to be out for a game of golf this past week at the magnificent San Dimas Golf Course, in San Dimas California, you may have noticed a bit of extra activity on some of the fairways.

The GrassAds Robot was busy at work for a corporate golf day, getting some of the sponsors logos out on the course guaranteeing great exposure for the event. The process was fast and hassle free with the robot discreetly marking out the lines and only needing to dodge one or two golf balls.

The team at GrassAds has noticed a definate increase in inquiries over the past twelve months from business's wanting to make their mark and obtain more exposure for their corporate brand. Corporate golf days are also on the rise with business's and venues alike appreciating the need to impress their sponsors and by allowing them the opportunity to receive extra recognition on the day.

If you would like any more information on how GrassAds can work with you for your next corporate golf day please contact us today.

No Venue Too Big Or Small

Twickenham Stadium in Twickenham London is known as the 'home of English Rugby' and also to 82,000 spectactors! The stadium is the largest dedicated Rugby Union venue in the world and in it's off season, plays host to huge arena concerts.When the Rugby season is in full swing the sponsors want maxium exposure both off and on the field, which is where GrassAds comes in. The 82,000 spectators in the stadium and the millions viewing on television, are going to be watching the field, not the side lines. Aviva being the major sponsor has ensured their brand wont be missed with GrassAds and their logo placed directly in the center of the field for their millions of potential and existing clients to see.

Twickenham Stadium, United Kingdom.

Twickenham Stadium, United Kingdom.

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Robot Training

grassads-robotLike any technology, the GrassAds robots go through extensive testing before they are distributed to work their magic on sporting fields, race tracks etc. Once they have the stamp of approval the only other training required is for us human operators!


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Creative Grass Advertising - no limits!

Jelly Fish Crop Circle 2009When thinking about Grass advertising, the concept does not have to be limited to the idea of a painted image on the ground. With the right amount of idea, man power, technology and perhaps a helping hand from mother nature, an image, message or logo can actually be 'etched' into the ground to really make a lasting impression!

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