NASCAR - Las Vegas 2020


MCOR19 at Monterey

Located at the spectacular Monterey Plaza and Spa in California, the 2019 Multi-Course and Resort Operators Retreat was a sell-out event as the industry's top golf resort officers, owners and managers came together for two days of executive-level networking.

With the 66th U.S Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice named as the event's keynote speaker, the event was destined to a be a success as attendees made use of the unique opportunity to share strategies, discuss leadership concepts and above all relax and play a round of golf at the neighbouring Bayonet and Blackhorse Golf Course.

Attendees included representatives from American Golf Corp, Billy Casper Golf, Kemper Sports Management, Arcis Golf, ClupCorp, Desert Mountain Club, Marriott Golf, Landscapes Golf Management, CourseCo, Troon, Pinehurst Resort, Touchstone Golf, GreatLife Golf and Fitness, PGA Tour Golf Course Properties, Pebble Beach Co., Montgomery County Revenue Authority, OB Sports, PGA Tour Golf Course and Properties.  

To acknowledge the significance of the event, the organisers of the retreat arranged a specifically designed logo to be placed on the golf course which was done so through our GrassAds robotic technology.

It was a fantastic event with lots of incredible feedback and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

What is GrassAds Robotic Technology?

In 2019, robotic technology is very common terminology when it comes to innovation.  GrassAds was a pioneer in developing and using this specific technology for signage and promotional purposes with some of the worlds largest on-ground signage campaigns being created and delivered by our company.

"Coming from an agricultural background which then led to line-marking through our initial company Laserturf, we started to notice a large void in the sporting industry when it came to the accurate application of ground signage." Said GrassAds CEO Ian Mayfield. "Venues and sponsors were understanding the importance of having their brand and events being seen on the field or course where the action was taking place and not just through stand up banners or signage that had limited value when it came to actually being seen."

After years of development, research, testing and watching how branding and promotion has evolved into such an imperative part for venues and companies, the GrassAds robot was launched into the industry.

"There has been years and years of testing and development invested into the GrassAds robot to ensure our commitment to accuracy and impact was always delivered whether it was a sponsors logo on a golf course in the USA or the British Airways 'Welcome to Our Turf' campaign for the 2012 London Olympics that was bigger than fifteen tennis courts." Said Ian.

The GrassAds technology has been used in the industry for over a decade around the world for venues, campaigns and events with the primary focus of expanding new opportunities for not only creating advertising revenues but for sharing a message that spectators, players and participants notice and feel invested in.

"The technology we have developed allows our clients and licensees to deliver logos, campaigns and brands in wherever and whatever way they envision with the only obstacle being the imagine.  We can be as creative, as big, as small and as versatile as required with minimum manpower required due to the application of the outlines being drawn by the robot itself." Said Ian.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of our GrassAds robotic technology, click on our Advanced Robotics Page.  If you would like any more information about ground signage or licensee opportunities, please contact our team at head office.

GrassAds revs it up with the V8's in Townsville

Since 2009, the sounds of the mighty V8's flooded the streets of Townsville and on the ten year anniversary of the event, the cars, the crowds and the signage did not disappoint.

The Watpac Townsville 400 is a three-day calendar of qualifying races, top ten shoot-outs with 200 kilometre street circuit as the main event on the Sunday. This years event also saw the first wet Sunday in the event's which added an extra element of skill for the drivers and excitement for the spectators. I

Amongst all of this excitement, the logo's of sponsors and campaigns shone brightly on the corner positions of the racetrack thanks to the application from Sign Event using GrassAds technology with 'It's Time Queensland' and #Towsvilleshines also receiving pride of place with the extra exposure on heavily-watched positions on the track.

With the main raceday on Sunday having it's first wet race day in the events ten years, the Grassads signage faired through the weather and still created a lasting impression for all of those both at the track and watching the televised event.

The Shell V-Power Racing Team with Scott McLaughlin ended up taking out the championship points for the weekend with Shane Van Gisbergen from the Red Bull Holden Racing Team claiming the second place on the podium and Chaz Mostert from Supercheap Auto Racing taking third place.

Next stop for the V8's Sign Event using GrassAds signage is Bathurst, so stay tuned!

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Giving your sponsors a Hole-in-One with creative golf course signage

One of the most popular mediums for both networking and fundraising is golf days.  With a growing demand amongst venues, event organisers and sponsors in gaining maximum exposure for their brand during these corporate and charity days, so does the demand for producing something different and creative.

Stand up banners, flags and marquees can assist with branding to a certain degree but can also cause obstructions to the view, can be difficult to manage in certain weather conditions and also have limited viewing impact on the golf course.

Many golf courses are opting for the professional and powerful presentation that is delivered through GrassAds robotic technology which offers many benefits to the course managers, event organisers, superintendents and sponsors alike including:

If you would like to see more of our examples of golf signage click here. more information about our opportunities for golf course signage through our GrassAds robotic signage application, or if you are a venue who is interested in our license opportunities, please contact our head office today.

2019 Rose Bowl Kicks off the New Year and GrassAds was there!

It's the event on every NFL's fan calendar and the 2019 Rose Bowl Game did not disappoint with an almighty clash between the Washington Huskies and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

With over 90,000 fans in attendance and a further watching on the televised broadcast, it was an event to remember with the the final quarter adding a nail-biting finish with the Huskies soaring back from a 28 - 3 defeat and smashing the scoreboard with 20 points in one quarter. However the comeback wasn't enough and the Buckeyes took the game 28-23.

The atmosphere was one of excitement both inside and outside the Rose Bowl Stadium with fans enjoying the 105th anniversary of this iconic game and the party surrounding it.

The official Rose Bowl 2019 Tailgate party in the car park of the stadium turned things up a notch with supporters making use of the opportunity to get the festivities going early before the game and keep the celebrations going after the game wrapped up.

To add an extra dimension to the Tailgate meetups, the stadium arranged for several GrassAds to be positioned around the area to help get everyone in the mood for the massive game.

With a logo placed for each of the teams amongst the tail gate festivities, it was the forth season in a row that GrassAds has been involved with the Rose Bowl Tailgate Party and every year is getting bigger with the amount of recognition the pre-game event is receiving and it was great to be a part of it again.

If you are interested in having GrassAds at your next major event, contact our head office today.

GrassAds hits the track for NASCAR

The scorching heat of Las Vegas put everyone to the test, including the GrassAds Robot, when it came to outlining the feature track side logos at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a recent NASCAR event.

Spanning across 85 metres by 36 metres (278 feet by 118 feet), the South Point logo was the centre piece trackside for the Inaugural South Point 400.

Working in sweltering conditions, the GrassAds robot didn't fault through the course of marking out the 8 kilometres (4.9 miles) line work for the creation of 17 logos in total.

The painting was completed by Licensee Dale Pantelakis who has purchased the robot to service contracts with NASCAR venues and track and field layouts.

Using the Grassads robotic technology saved two days in project time over the use of traditional stencils and string lines

Much of the painting was completed at night with the clear visual of robot work under lights and in the day, making painting a simple accurate process.

Whilst our robot certainly isn't as fast as those hitting the NASCAR circuit, it's performance is just as reliable and impressive.

If you are interested in the GrassAds license opportunities currently available, please contact our GrassAds head office today.

Rose Bowl Tailgate Party 2018

Another year the famous Rose Bowl tailgate party kicks into gear! This time with the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma Sooners. What a great game!  Here are some shots of the logos going into the party area.

Contact us if you would like some logos for your special event!

Texas 500 2017

GrassAds worked with Mycroft Signs to bring together some amazing logos for the Texas 500. There was around 8km of robot linework involved in the design and many many gallons of paint. It was an amazing experience for GrassAds especially showing off our newest RB8 model. Some action shots of the progress below.


P2S Engineering @ Los Coyotes Country Club

Another beautiful day for a tournament at Los Coyotes Country Club for P2S Engineering. What a great shot!