The 2014 World Cup Kicks Off in Brazil

On the 12th of June 2014, Soccer aka Football fans, around the world settled into their armchairs and watched the beginning of a month long tournament between 31 countries from around the world.

During the next four weeks, 64 matches will be played, dreams will be crushed and euphoria will be reached as teams battle it out to win the title of Winners of the FIFA World Cup. 

Football (or Soccer as it's known in the USA and Australia), has one of the most passionate group o

f followers out of any other sporting code around the world and also some of the biggest sponsors. We can expect to see flashes of Nike, Adidas, Puma and any other sporting label who had a few million to throw around for sponsorship.

However, with the expected global audience expecting to exceed the last World Cup final of 715 million viewers, we think that their sponsorship money is pretty spent.

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