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Our technology and licensing program is market proven, easy to use and has profitably serviced customers with thousands of logo for events ranging from Golf, Stadiums, NASCAR to special events.


Revenue opportunities from event advertising
Affordable advertising for sponsors
Easy Application, unlimited creativity & quality presentation
The GrassAds system provides precise ground based advertising using GrassAds robotic technology. Our technology was designed specifically to expand new opportunities for creating advertising revenues across all sportsturf events.

GrassAds technology is a highly efficient and economical system for the creation of advertising. A complete system from processing of graphics through to application of the logo. It creates a high quality, high visibility presentation at an economical price, offering greater value and improved customer loyalty for the sponsors.
It is productive in the field, reduces labour and is not limited by size or complexity. Its ease of use and versatility make this a low cost and profitable system to operate.

With over ten years of on-field operations, it is a proven and robust system with GrassAds technology having created thousands of presentations and now servicing clients in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The Complete Ground Signage System

The Complete Solution

Design and Conversion Software Included. Cloud Based for Simplicity and Security. All Training Supplied.

Automation & Flexibility

On-site Size and Perspective Updates. Simple to Use, Fast and Accurate. Minimal Maintenance.

the grassads system includes

RB8 Robot Application System

Tablet control and Operating Software

Design and Conversion Software

Comprehensive Training and Support

Features for Perfect Ground Signage


The smart-spray system is designed to ensure total accuracy. Detail spray margin is less than 1/4″ (6mm) and can be applied on hard or grass surfaces.


To suit any specific viewpoints or the terrain of the venue, the tablet control software enables final adjustments on site with the logo for size or perspective adjustment.


The system is compact and easily transportable – making it hassle-free for moving between job sites and for traveling, including by air.

Quick Set Up Time

Setup time for any job, no matter how big, is kept to a minimum with only a few minutes required to commence the job and begin outlining.

Easy to Use

Position the logo on the surface with the tablet and press GO. Our software converts the logo into an outline for the robot to draw. Then simply paint between the lines.

Field Layout

Automated layout is available for all types and variations of playing fields. Accuracy is not compromised and is designed to accommodate multi-surface application.

3D Logo Conversion

Our robotic technology can also adjust the design and perspective to create a 3D presentation.
The 3D logo conversion can be created accurately and simply while on site.
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