Making Sure Your Corporate Golf Day hits a Hole-in-One

Corporate Golf Days are days often filled with networking, selling your business, making new contacts, supporting a charity and then a bit of golf on the side.

If you are sponsoring a golf day or are the venue hosting the event, ensure that the sponsors don't get lost amongst the days busy schedule. The most effective branding is done where people are drawing their attention and on a golf day, the attention would be on the golf course.

With GrassAds robotic technology, there are no restrictions where company logos can be placed. A company logo can be placed on the Tee, on the greens, rolling slopes and even around the hole itself. We recently completed a number of logos for corporate sponsors at Anthem Country Club in Nevada.

So next corporate event, make sure your business isn't getting left behind and make a strong and lasting impression - which can be easily removed for the next golf event.

Remember, a lot of business deals are made and broken on the Golf Course!

If you would like any information on the corporate golf packages we can offer, contact us today.

Anthem Country Club, Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Anthem Country Club, Henderson, Nevada, USA.


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