American Golf tees off at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course

The San Dimas Canyon Golf Course never fails to disappoint when it comes to delivering fantastic fairways and wonderful weather and last weekend was no exception.  Several General Managers from American Golf caught up over a game of golf and the day was made all the more memorable thanks to the impressive American Golf logo on the fairway.  In addition to offering a great branding opportunity for the organisation it also offered the GM's a  perfect landscape for a corporate group photo.

Our GrassAds robotic technology allowed the application to be completed quickly and efficiently with the robot being just the right size to dodge golf balls as it marked out the American Golf logo.  It was a fun day with lots of atmosphere and we were glad to be a part of it.

If you would like to make an impression at your next corporate golf day with grass signage and branding, contact our head office today.

VIP 2- San Dimas Canyon American Golf GrassAds

American Golf Logo

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