What is GrassAds Robotic Technology?

In 2019, robotic technology is very common terminology when it comes to innovation.  GrassAds was a pioneer in developing and using this specific technology for signage and promotional purposes with some of the worlds largest on-ground signage campaigns being created and delivered by our company.

"Coming from an agricultural background which then led to line-marking through our initial company Laserturf, we started to notice a large void in the sporting industry when it came to the accurate application of ground signage." Said GrassAds CEO Ian Mayfield. "Venues and sponsors were understanding the importance of having their brand and events being seen on the field or course where the action was taking place and not just through stand up banners or signage that had limited value when it came to actually being seen."

After years of development, research, testing and watching how branding and promotion has evolved into such an imperative part for venues and companies, the GrassAds robot was launched into the industry.

"There has been years and years of testing and development invested into the GrassAds robot to ensure our commitment to accuracy and impact was always delivered whether it was a sponsors logo on a golf course in the USA or the British Airways 'Welcome to Our Turf' campaign for the 2012 London Olympics that was bigger than fifteen tennis courts." Said Ian.

The GrassAds technology has been used in the industry for over a decade around the world for venues, campaigns and events with the primary focus of expanding new opportunities for not only creating advertising revenues but for sharing a message that spectators, players and participants notice and feel invested in.

"The technology we have developed allows our clients and licensees to deliver logos, campaigns and brands in wherever and whatever way they envision with the only obstacle being the imagine.  We can be as creative, as big, as small and as versatile as required with minimum manpower required due to the application of the outlines being drawn by the robot itself." Said Ian.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of our GrassAds robotic technology, click on our Advanced Robotics Page.  If you would like any more information about ground signage or licensee opportunities, please contact our team at head office.

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