A marketing campaign of Jurassic proportion

One of the many things we enjoy about the GrassAds robotic technology is the outlet it gives our clients for creativity. Many marketing campaigns are just a once off so the logistics of organising stencils for a huge logo very often deters people from branching out with something different.

The beauty of GrassAds is that we can create any image on almost any surface to compliment the marketing campaign you are wanting to deliver to your customers. We recently had the pleasure of enjoying some Queensland sunshine on the Gold Coast when we created a new campaign for one of the Gold Coasts leading triathlon groups, Team TREX.

With a name like 'TREX' it was of no surprise to us when they requested an enormous image of a T-Rex on one of their training fields at the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre. With our robot working hard marking out the 90m2 image, the painters could get straight to work right alongside it - all on synthetic turf.

The finished product was truly spectacular. Check out this video to see all the behind the scenes footage and the finished product for Team TREX's "Alive and Kicking" campaign.

If you would like to discuss an idea for your next marketing campaign, contact us today.

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